The Best-Kept Secret for a Business Owner to Reach Their Big Hairy Goal! Mary Maas of CEO Space International

Mary Maas left Tucson, AZ after receiving a BSBA from the U of A to move to Seattle the day Mt St Helens erupted! Mary has been married 30 years and has 2 grandsons. Mary has a long history of working B2B, and is especially passionate about seeing hard-working, risk-taking business owners reach NEW heights. Mary has worked in high tech, real estate investing, energy conservation, wellness & legislative research, and witnessed and experienced the inner & external challenges business owners face.  As Club President of CEO Space Int’l, Mary is excited to have found a solution to whatever holds a business owner back from achieving their vision! She is a seeker of uncomfortable truth with owners to give them clarity on their obstacles & what they cost & open them to better solutions.  In today’s The Money Hour segment, Mary discusses how business owners can reach their goals.  

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