Myths About Making a Video with Meena Merchant of Werxo

Meena Merchant is the CEO of Werxo – as its leader, she guides the company as it traverses the landscape of corporate, non-profit sector, and more artistic storytelling. Prior to this, she has owned a graphic design company and a stationery company. She worked for many years as a graphic designer, product designer and as a marketing extraordinaire. She has also spent a lot of time creating, teaching and promoting the creation of art –- in her home, at her son’s school, and in her community. Meena has lived in California, NYC and the greater Seattle area.  Meena seeks connection through the cultivation of relationships. her heart’s calling is to give airtime and use film & video as a medium to tell the stories of women and people of color, among other minorities. In today’s The Money Hour segment, Meena discusses the myths around creating a video.

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