Arrogance vs. Self-Esteem with Dee Gupta of Dee Coaching

Dee Gupta is a part-time coach and full-time rental property business owner who has done extensive study on emotional growth. Her perspective is that you are where you are choosing to be in your life. Your financial status, the quality of life you live, and your relationships with friends, family, or your significant other, everything is either where you want it to be, or where your belief level is of where you can be. The stage of personal growth you are at in each area of your life determines where you are in that area. You cannot make more money than you believe you can make. You cannot have a better relationship than you believe yourself capable of having. Your belief in your own worthiness in each area of your life sets the tone for where you are. Dee helps you break those ceilings.  In today’s The Money Hour segment, Dee talks about arrogance vs. self-esteem. Connect with Dee: Website Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Pandemics & Corrections with Adam Droker of WaterRock Global Asset Management, LLC

Adam Droker is the financial advisor and chief investment officer at WaterRock Global Asset Management LLC based here in Bellevue Washington. He is a life long resident of Bellevue having moved from Lake Sammamish to Lake Hills in his life. Adam is married to Aly and they have 3 children Evan, Meredith, and Jake. He attended Washington State University where he completed his BA in Business and continued on to achieve his MBA. Upon Graduating he started his professional career at Merrill Lynch in Seattle in 2005. In 2007 he joined Morgan Stanley. On April fools day 2011 he made the decision to go the independent route and joined WaterRock.  In today’s The Money Hour segment, Adam talks about pandemics and corrections.

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Rental Market Update with Cory Brewer & Rob Gasca of Windermere Property Management/Lori Gill & Associates

Cory Brewer is the General Manager at Windermere Property Management / Lori Gill & Associates. He assumed this role in 2011 after 9 years of residential real estate sales in the Seattle area. Cory’s primary focuses are quality control, legal compliance, and broker training.

Rob Gasca is the Director of Commercial Property Management at WPM/LGA. After managing a residential portfolio as a top-producer for over 10 years, he assumed this new corporate leadership role to further develop the company’s position in the local commercial marketplace.

In today’s The Money Hour segment, Cory and Rob discuss the rental market legal update.

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5 Upsides to Downsizing Your Home with Brenda Martin of John L. Scott, Inc.

Brenda Martin grew up in a family real estate business and has been surrounded by the industry her whole life. She holds CNE (Certified Negotiations Expert) and SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist) designations and is recognized by John L Scott as a President’s Gold Agent for her success in helping clients achieve their home ownership goals. Brenda partners with an innovative and successful team, using their combined knowledge to give her clients an advantage for a beneficial real estate experience. She is committed to providing professional real estate services with a goal to always exceed expectations. The wonderful friendships that are formed with her clients bring Brenda the most satisfaction and joy from working in the residential real estate industry.  In today’s The Money Hour segment, Brenda talks about the benefits of downsizing. 

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Myths About Making a Video with Meena Merchant of Werxo

Meena Merchant is the CEO of Werxo – as its leader, she guides the company as it traverses the landscape of corporate, non-profit sector, and more artistic storytelling. Prior to this, she has owned a graphic design company and a stationery company. She worked for many years as a graphic designer, product designer and as a marketing extraordinaire. She has also spent a lot of time creating, teaching and promoting the creation of art –- in her home, at her son’s school, and in her community. Meena has lived in California, NYC and the greater Seattle area.  Meena seeks connection through the cultivation of relationships. her heart’s calling is to give airtime and use film & video as a medium to tell the stories of women and people of color, among other minorities. In today’s The Money Hour segment, Meena discusses the myths around creating a video.

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BNI Northwest Panel Discussion: Building Businesses by Building Relationships

Jenni Butz is the Regional Director of BNI Northwest, part of the world’s largest referral networking organization. Along with a team of over 25 volunteers and employees, she supports 38 Chapters in the Puget Sound area and 2 Chapters in southern California, helping Members increase their businesses through relationship-based, intentional word-of-mouth marketing.

Wilma Peck, is a BNI Area Director on the Eastside. Supporting 9 Chapters.  She has also been an active member of BNI for the past 14 years, representing her business “Michaels Auto Repair”,  located in Redmond, WA.  BNI has been a contributing factor in the growth of her business.

Kris Noble is a personal stylist with a company called cabi, which is a collection of women’s designer clothing, and she’s been with the company 16 years. Her passion is for helping women feel confident and beautiful by guiding them to the best clothing options for their body types and style expressions. She work with women in their homes by bringing her clothing line to show them and their friends, or by having them come to her boutique for personal styling sessions.  She is an active member of BNI Northwest.

In today’s The Money Hour segment, Jenni, Wilma and Kris have a panel discussion on how to build a better business through BNI Northwest.

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