Boundaries & Standards – Best-Kept Secret for Business Owners – Empower Your Fitness Journey – Episode 307

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Guests in studio this week:

Dee Gupta is a part-time coach and full-time rental property business owner who has done extensive study on emotional growth. Her perspective is that you are where you are choosing to be in your life. Your financial status, the quality of life you live, and your relationships with friends, family, or your significant other, everything is either where you want it to be, or where your belief level is of where you can be. The stage of personal growth you are at in each area of your life determines where you are in that area. You cannot make more money than you believe you can make. You cannot have a better relationship than you believe yourself capable of having. Your belief in your own worthiness in each area of your life sets the tone for where you are. Dee helps you break those ceilings.  In today’s The Money Hour segment, Dee talks about boundaries and standards.  Listen to Dee’s segment.

Mary Maas left Tucson, AZ after receiving a BSBA from the U of A to move to Seattle the day Mt St Helens erupted! Mary has been married 30 years and has 2 grandsons. Mary has a long history of working B2B, and is especially passionate about seeing hard-working, risk-taking business owners reach NEW heights. Mary has worked in high tech, real estate investing, energy conservation, wellness & legislative research, and witnessed and experienced the inner & external challenges business owners face.  As Club President of CEO Space Int’l, Mary is excited to have found a solution to whatever holds a business owner back from achieving their vision! She is a seeker of uncomfortable truth with owners to give them clarity on their obstacles & what they cost & open them to better solutions.  In today’s The Money Hour segment, Mary discusses how business owners can reach their goals.  Listen to Mary’s segment.

Laura Mak Quist, MS, former Pro Athlete, has created a community of fitness enthusiasts that are inspired by the unique way she sees the world through rose + kale colored sparkly glasses. Through videos, photos, blogs, and focused social media interactions she spreads her infectious joy and wealth of knowledge to empower, equip and inspire others to build strength in body, mind and spirit. There are exercise plans, eating well strategies, yoga + stretching, and clever lifestyle tidbits. From a joyful, healthy perspective, Laura creates content showcasing her #BoyMom travel experiences with her family. She explores both domestic and abroad with successful, like-minded business women. Laura creates and hosts health + lifestyle related workshops.  In today’s The Money Hour segment, Lara talks about reaching your fitness goals.  Listen to Laura’s segment.