BNI Northwest Panel Discussion: Building Businesses by Building Relationships

Jenni Butz is the Regional Director of BNI Northwest, part of the world’s largest referral networking organization. Along with a team of over 25 volunteers and employees, she supports 38 Chapters in the Puget Sound area and 2 Chapters in southern California, helping Members increase their businesses through relationship-based, intentional word-of-mouth marketing.

Wilma Peck, is a BNI Area Director on the Eastside. Supporting 9 Chapters.  She has also been an active member of BNI for the past 14 years, representing her business “Michaels Auto Repair”,  located in Redmond, WA.  BNI has been a contributing factor in the growth of her business.

Kris Noble is a personal stylist with a company called cabi, which is a collection of women’s designer clothing, and she’s been with the company 16 years. Her passion is for helping women feel confident and beautiful by guiding them to the best clothing options for their body types and style expressions. She work with women in their homes by bringing her clothing line to show them and their friends, or by having them come to her boutique for personal styling sessions.  She is an active member of BNI Northwest.

In today’s The Money Hour segment, Jenni, Wilma and Kris have a panel discussion on how to build a better business through BNI Northwest.

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