Knowledge is Power
Each week, I share expert advice and inside knowledge on how today’s events in our local economy can affect your money.  I am dedicated to provide the tools you need to make informed decisions on matters that affect your money.

Empowering Our Community
Providing you both opportunities and solutions when it comes to your money.

Education is Freedom
My goal is to keep you up to date on the latest news and trends in the real estate market.  Keep me tuned in and I’ll keep you informed.

News on all Things Money
Fresh information on market trends and conditions of our local economy.

Strong Financial Blueprint
I am here to help you build a strong financial blueprint. One week and one show at a time.

Wealth Management Team
I bring into studio the “Best of the Best” experts in our local market on everything money, helping you build your own Wealth Management Team.

Rebuilding the Real Estate Market
I am proud to rebuild our housing market one house and one success story at a time.

I bring well-respected professionals to each show who have a common objective, delivering the truth about our local market.  My desire is to educate and equip our listeners with the knowledge needed to make the best financial and real-estate decisions.  The purpose of my show is to help consumers understand what’s really happening in our local real estate market.  I am teaching you the why and the how-to, so you will always be one step ahead of everyone else.

Please listen to The Money Hour with your host Tina Mitchell every Saturday at 3pm (rebroadcast Sunday at 8am) on Alternative Talk 1150 AM KKNW